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Our Advanced Shopping Tools are designed to speedup the purchasing process for those items you purchase regularly (My Shopping Lists) or if you know what you want (Quick Order Pad). My Shopping Lists will allow you to designate items that you would like to purchase, but you are not prepared to do so at that moment. While shopping, you can add items to My Shopping Lists instead of adding them to your Shopping Cart. The items you add to My Shopping Lists will remain there until you decide to add them to your Shopping Cart or until you remove the item from your list.

My Shopping Lists is designed for you to add items that your frequently purchase to a shopping list. Items saved in a shopping list can then be added to your cart without you having to search the site for that item.

  • Adding an Item to My Shopping Lists
    When shopping, click add to list on the Item Detail screen. You can also add an item to your shopping list from your Shopping Cart. When you are viewing the contents of your Shopping Cart, click add to list next to each item in your Shopping Cart that you want to add to My Shopping Lists.
  • Purchasing an Item from My Shopping Lists
    To purchase a saved item from My Shopping Lists, click the add to cart button that appears next to each item saved on your Shopping List. Your selection will move to the Shopping Cart and you are ready to Checkout. To purchase the entire saved Shopping List, click the add list to cart button.

Quick Order Pad allows you to add an items to your shopping cart and then checkout. Using the Quick Order Pad is easy. To place an order with using the Quick Order Pad follow these two steps. 

  • Step 1: Enter the Item# for Each Item
    The first step in using the Quick Order Pad is to enter the item# for each item you want to purchase and the quantity you want. Then click the Submit button.
  • Step 2: Checkout
    The final step in the Quick Order Pad is to Checkout. If any items were not found you will be given the option to retry. When you are finished, click on cart icon at the top of the screen to view your cart.

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